Ways to Get out of Depression

Ways to Beat Depression

Depression is a state of mind. This devious one, whose side-effects can often discourage you from taking actions or seek help for recovering. People in depression experience lack of energy, low self-esteem and excitement levels that are taking a plunge on a daily basis.

For anyone going through anything relatable, understand that depression is curable. Just like taking medicines to kill off your diseases, understanding and reflecting on your mental state is how you’re calm your mind, and thus your body from depression.

Here are some ways you can curb out depression out your system :

1. Understand Self – Attacks

Depression is the time when your mind is on the attack mode on the self. You are made to believe that you good for nothing, or you are physically fit or a hundred possible attacks on the self.

WRITE THIS DOWN. Yes, write down each and every attack on the self.

Understand if these attacks on the self is fair. Understand if there is reason going behind these attacks. Understand if these weaknesses that you believe actually will make you weak in real life or is it just in your head?

If you understand that this voice inside of you is simply a sadistic version of yourself, then kill it immediately. It’s your true ENEMY.

2. What should you be angry at?

For many out there, depression is the lack of feelings. They don’t feel happy, angry or sad anymore. This happens when one spends too much of their lives suppressing some of the feelings which they were not comfortable feeling. This cycle leaves you with only one emotion and that is anger. Anger aimed at someone else or an event in your life, for which you are angry and disappointed with yourself.

Understand by going in deep about yourself, asking where this anger and negativity is coming from. Going to the root of the cause and getting a closure on it, can make a massive difference in your everyday lifestyle.

3. Things you used to do?

Used to love playing football everyday in the evenings? Shut in your room because you are depressed and hardly feel any energy to play?

Get out and play.

Doing things which you used to loved to do, is a great way to fight depression. Understand that it is state of mind and that it can be altered. Go out, breathe some fresh air, do what you love and replace the bad vibes with good memories. Things ALWAYS turn out to be for GOOD.

4. Watch a Funny Movie or Series

Don’t brush this away immediately. Nothing is more immensely powerful that this. Convincing your mind through laughter and smile, you are cutting your brain off the depression cycle it is going through. Do it enough number of times and your brain will be tickled with laughter, and out of depression.

5. Work

This is one of the best advices that one can get. Throw yourself at a passion of yours during depression. Vent your anger through it, beat yourself everyday at performing better than the previous day.

Go ALL OUT on your passion if you believe you are going through depression. When you do this, you are shifting all your focus onto it, drying out your brain to do the harmful self-talk and cutting yourself off the depression cycle.

None of these methods to cure depression will be of enough help, unless one understands that depression is a state of mind  and that it can be altered. Eat well, exercise and even though hard, try to get some sleep. Sleep can be a major problem during depression, thats why we suggest your exercise in the evenings and mornings- 15 min each. This routine can help you sleep in the night easily.

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