service of others

When you choose to serve someone other than yourself, you are
actually creating a positive environment for yourself. It is this
environment that plays a vital role in building a foundation that
helps you achieve long lasting success.

Let’s put ourselves into perspective. Are you truly happy? When
was the last time you were of service?

Being of service can be anything from showing love to a dog in the
neighborhood to giving food to people in orphanages. It is an
action that will leave you filled with satisfaction and the other
person filled with happiness.

Contribution, to other than yourself, keeps your life in check.
When you choose to be someone who only takes from the world
you live in but no contribute, you are never advancing. You are
going to be forever stuck in survival-mode. This is because you
will choose spend on things you don’t need anyways.

Everyone is living in two states of life today – one where you are
competing. Competing to get what others have.

State 1 – “Saw my friend on Insta stories visiting M&M museum in
London. Saving up for that now”

State 2 – “Now I have worked my whole life and have all the
money I want, but what do I do? I am stuck with myself”

I am not trying to portray travelling is bad, but how about travelling
to Italy, learning the language and coming back to teach poor kids
who can then make a good life out of it?

People are rather choosing to go to factories of colorful packaged
chocolate and this is where the problem lies.

The sheer reality is that, to be truly fulfilled and not have simply
moments of fleeting happiness, we cannot be living just for

You are never going to real satisfaction from simply working in a
high-paid job.

Imagine, I told you that I will pay you 10 lakh rupees a month for
simply making burgers for rich people. You will be excited and happy in the beginning, but what after the routine of flipping burgers is continued for three years and lot of money made?

You are sure to wonder, isn’t life more than this?
Yes it is.

Now imagine being paid 5000 rupees, after all these years, to flip
burgers for poor children in slums around the world? How happy
will you be serving people who would be having the tastiest meals
in their lives?

Start doing things that can impact 10 other lives. Learn not your
self but for others. Live for others. Feed Others. Love dogs that
are on the street, adopt animals. Protect the world. Consume less

Become more sustainable. Use water as if it is going to
end tomorrow. Learn to cook and feed poor kids and dogs. Cook
for yourself.

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