Prevent Suicidal thoughts

Prevent Suicidal Thoughts

As we reach mid-way of 2019, one shocking study we came across is the suicide rates among young people.

Suicide rates have reached its highest peak since the start of the 20th century. In the last twenty years most of the studies have focused female suicide rates, but the latest study confirms the worst fears that has been lurking around for a long time.

In 2018 alone, there was a 21 percent rise in suicide rates among male teens, from 2017. This study, conducted by the Harvard Medical School, conducted the study with the premise that even thought the female suicide rates have been increasing, the rise in the suicide rates among males is quite unprecedented.

Various studies have been conducted in the 15-19 age group for long. The collection of data among this age group has been extremely difficult simply due to the fact that the warning signs of depression ie. moodiness and withdrawal is often associated with hormonal changes that the teens go through. Also it is not possible to look out for pin-pointed symptoms, while looking out for depression. While for one person it may be manifestation of anger, in another it can be headaches while another can be excessive crying.

How can one prevent thoughts of suicide?

We gave it a long thought, discussed, read and here are our best suggestions.

1. It’s okay not to be okay

Yes. It’s okay not to be okay. “Happily ever after” might be the goal for everyone in life, but the simple fact is that you cannot ever cherish happiness or for that matter anything in life, without getting to know the opposite of it. When you are sad, or feel that you are in depression, take a moment to breathe out and understand that this is just a phase. Just like every phase, it moves on and all you have to do is last until it does.

2. Look out for others

Help others in need, for nothing will give you a bigger purpose that that. When you look out for others, you can yourself throw the negative thoughts of suicide out of your mind.

There are innumerable number of examples of people who have attempted suicide and failed at it, who comes out of the shell and understand the true value of life. A huge percentage of these people have dedicated their lives to helping people who are going through the same pain. Almost all of them acknowledge about how lucky they are to be present here in flesh and also that they find salvation in helping other people going through suicidal thoughts.

3. Seek Help

Periods, Sex and Suicide. These are the taboos in society that are never talked about. Please do not put yourself in this baseless ideology and make sure to seek help.

The professionals out there can break across the clutter of your thoughts/ symptoms and give you clear cut directions on how to improve your life. Their advice and help can be considered invaluable.

4. You are needed.

The feeling of being unwanted, the most common symptom of both suicidal thoughts and depression, is also one of the biggest lies that your mind plays on you. While your mind makes up these thoughts to protect you from perceived danger, its your responsibility to quieten it down and make it understand that you are truly needed <3

PS- If you are ever in need or seeking help, please do not hesitate to call me on +91-9819888048.

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